Rent a sup and an e-bike

Book your SUP or e-bike for yourself and your family or for your entire group of friends. You won't regret it! You can stop everywhere you like, in all places and bars, at the beach, where your heart desires, as long as you wish – that's why we are at sea.

What you give to nature, nature will repay you many times over, it will definitely pay back, by offering wonderful moments to you.

We are different

The truth is plain and simple: we are downright in love with the coast, our Istria, the sea, the culinary arts, a variety of wines, the beaches and attractions.

At the same time we would like to protect and preserve a place of pure and untouched nature not only for us, but also for all future generations. And that's exactly what our SUPs and Electric bikes can do.

We really want you to enjoy the ride that can help relieve worries and stress, make you forget any inconvenience or trouble, the traffic on the road, by the sea. Last but not least, you will not feel the summer heat, as the wind in the hair and the sea will take care of it an do the magic.
Rent a sup now!

Catch the moment

Riding an electric bike makes it possible to be different and have a lot of fun while relaxing.

You can stop everywhere you like, in all places and bars, at the beach and you can visit the sights you want …

Capture the unforgettable moments.
Rent an e-bike now!