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The electric bike allows you to explore Istria and every hidden corner of the coast in good company and be in attic with nature.
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An electric bike will improve your fitness

Just like cycling any bike, riding an electric bike will offer improved aerobic fitness benefits and your level. The effort required to keep yourself moving may be less than on a normal bike, but you will still be turning the pedals and putting in a significant amount of the energy required to move yourself along.

An eBike will help you keep up with your group of friends

One of the major benefits of electric bikes is the ability to help slower riders keep pace with faster riders. It makes group rides more enjoyable, as less fit riders do not lag behind and feel that they are holding fitter ones back.

Ebikes make it easier to get up hills

All cyclistists struggle in hills and their speed is likely to drop on many climbs. Therefore, the electric motor is turned on to provide assistance to you while riding your bike (consistently with the level of support you have selected).

Faster riding

An eBike will allow you 100 % faster riding, regardless of anyone's fitness level. At the same time it offers the possibility of quicker acceleration and guarantees assistance when it comes to hill climbing. An eBike’s motor will cut out once you ride over 25kph. As a result, you may find you are riding unassisted while riding your bike on a flat ground, but even so you will be offered physical benefits of cycling.


You can choose between 4 electric bicycles.
Rent an e-bike!

An electric bike will help you explore new places

Lower power consumption and faster riding will offer unforgettable possibilities as far as exploring new places is concerned.

Less muscle strain and less stress on the heart

Extra assistance means less strain on your muscles and joints, particularly since the motor will give you most support on hills and accelerations, when most effort is needed to be invested in cycling.

While riding an electric bike, your heart will be less stressed and less strain will be put on the latter compared to riding a normal bike since the motor helps smooth out the periods of harder exertion, but you will still get a good aerobic workout from riding, which is one of the best, if not the best thing you can do for your health.

Better mental health

Any form of cycling, or indeed any form of exercise, has big benefits for your mental health. It also delivers a particularly great benefit by exercising outdoors.

Cycling is excellent for mental health benefits since it reduces the level of anxiety and stress, but at the same time it raises the levels of happiness. It should be noted that exercising outdoors delivers these benefits better than doing exercise in a gym or in any enclosed spaces.

Due to cycling and other outdoor sports activities, being carried out in a pleasant environment, the quality of sleep should be immeasurably better, thanks to the anxiety-busting effect of cycling.


You can choose between 4 electric bikes.
Rent an e-bike!